The Art Education Is Important for Your Children

Do your children like to draw? If so, then your child has the potential to be a creative child. Continue to encourage them to continue what they are doing. You need to know that meaningless scribbling is probably the beginning of a bright future. Your children may not be a famous painter, but they will definitely benefit from good creative art education such as sensitivity to the environment, easy to absorb suggestions and input, easy learning skills, the child is able to control emotions (feelings of sadness or pleasure), increasing imagination, etc.

Art education is very useful for the physical and mental development of children; unfortunately not many parents understand it. Through creative arts education, children will easily understand a skill; this skill will make children successful in the future. Specifically, art lessons can improve children’s independence, creativity, and innovation. Their curiosity continues to increase. Do not be sad if the walls or floors of the house are decorated with meaningless scribbling, that is proof of the artistic spirit of your children.

A creative art education also correlates with children’s skills in various subjects such as language, mathematics, science, biology, geography, drama and music. Children who have the soul of art have high self-confidence, discipline, self-esteem and they are always motivated to learn other skills. Why do children who have an artistic spirit more easily understand and remember lessons? Well, because creative art education makes them smarter. In one study explained, the ability of children aged 4-6 years who take music art lessons is sharper in remembering a row of numbers compared to children who do not take music art lessons.

Most parents who do not understand the benefits of learning art for children sacrifice these subjects. They also assume that the meaningless streaks on the floor and walls only give a dirty impression. In schools, we also often find spaces limited to art lessons, this clearly limits the art education that students should receive. Most subjects in schools such as mathematics, science, biology, etc., train the right hemisphere’s brain performance. Now, creative art education comes to balance brain performance. Art lessons maximize the performance of the right brain, such as controlling the ability of movement and function of the left body, controlling the ability to think conceptually, understanding simple language or creativity of the contents of the speech, adjusting musical ability and visualization, controlling memory, and development of imagination and creativity.

Now, how to encourage children to love art? It is easy, start encouraging children to like to draw. Prepare a pencil and a piece of paper, do it as often as possible, if necessary provide a few pictures to scribble. You need to know that drawing is a direct link for reading, writing, and math, so don’t be sad to see scribbles everywhere, your children will understand subjects in school easily.